Why Camp? 6 Camping Benefits

“Bugs, dirt, living in a fabric make-shift shelter, why would anyone enjoy that?” That’s a question that a lot of people who haven’t quite explored the benefits of camping ask themselves whenever they see happy campers going about their day.

To some, camping seems like an apocalyptic nightmare. But, to some of us, it’s the idyllic way of life, and if time permitted, we would do it more often than not. There’s just something special about sleeping in a tent, sitting by the bonfire, or dosing off to the soothing sounds of crickets chirping that’s hard to replicate any other way than by camping itself.

So, to get you to the camp lovers’ side of life, here are some convincing reasons why you should consider camping at least once in your life.

1. You’ll Be Closer to Nature

The fact of modernity is that most of us tend to spend our lives locked-up working with barely any time to interact with the very nature that we’re a part of. This disconnect has been linked to several psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Aside from the beauty of the hues and wondrous sights that’s typical of the natural environment, being out and about also has a myriad of health benefits. For one, it enhances happiness and general well-being. And secondly, According to the University of East Anglia, exposure to green spaces reduces the risk of diseases such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stress, and hypertension.

2. You’ll Sleep Better

Good quality sleep is a critical element to a human’s overall well-being and functionality. The reality is, though, that most of us barely sleep enough, and when we do, it’s of poor quality. In fact, a study conducted by Philips Global to determine sleep hygiene surveyed 11,000 adults from 12 countries and found that 62% of the worldwide population is not sleeping enough or well at all. One of the biggest culprits to adequate sleep is the exposure to modern electric lights from smartphones, televisions, or iPads, which profoundly affects our body’s cardiac rhythm. Being out in nature, camping by the beach or in the mountains gives your body the chance to reset its body’s biological clock, helping it adjust to the natural light-dark cycle, and therefore, giving your body the right stimuli for proper sleep. More so, the continuous, rhythmic pitch of nature’s elements such as ocean waves, whistling of trees, or the sound of insects is relaxing to the brain and thereby helps you sleep better.

One Tent Camping

3. You’ll Get A Break From Technology

Thanks to technology, people connect easier, save time, and work more efficiently. But on the flip side of things, it’s grossly overused and highly addictive. People tend to spend hours upon hours staring at their phones and laptops every day, leading to technology overload. Good quality of life requires balance, taking regular breaks to recharge, review, and replenish. Most camping spots are in remote areas of a town; hence, they have weak network coverage and sometimes lack charging ports for devices, giving you a much-needed break from social media and device addiction. And with technology distractions out of the equation, you’ll find that you have time to explore new hobbies such as reading and writing, and you’ll have the opportunity to spending quality, uninterrupted time with yourself or with your loved ones.

Disconnected Jack From Phone

4. You’ll Embrace Simplicity

Everyday life, especially in cities, creates this highly damaging feeling and false ideology that you need a lot of things to validate and feel good about yourself, so it’s not uncommon to find people making unnecessary purchases to fill up their lives. Camping, on the other hand, puts you on survival mode and shows you the beauty of being minimalist, needing, and surviving on less. It challenges that need for stuff or distractions and demonstrates that you probably already have everything you need to thrive and succeed. So give yourself some stress relief by buying less and saying yes to new experiences.

Camping By The Beach With A Dog

5. You’ll Save Money

Ever felt like you needed a vacation or a break from your everyday life, but the funds aren’t looking quite right? Try camping. Nature is unequivocally free for all, and although you may have to spend some money on camping gear, as you should for a better camping experience, the costs are one-off for products that are of use for an extended period. Additionally, in cases where you have to pay to camp at specific grounds such as parks, the costs are relatively cheaper in comparison to hotels or lodges. So if you’re looking for a bang for your buck vacation while still connecting outside of your regular day-to-day routine, camping should be your number one choice.

6. Your Pet Can Come

Most families consider their pets as part of their family, so much so that when they plan their vacations, they find it difficult leaving their furry family member behind with the vet or the sitters. Not to mention, being away for extended periods is also stressful for your pet. The beauty of camping is that no one gets left behind as most camping spots allow you the ease and luxury of bringing every member of your family, beast or human, along. After all, a family vacation isn’t complete if a family member is missing in action.

Camping is so much more than roughing it for sport. It’s interactive, fun, and healthy. So keep your mind and heart open, pack a bag, and take a camping trip.

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