Hello, there!

Who I Am

I am Nelly, a freelance article writer, and online florist from Kenya, who loves nature, animals (mostly big mammals, to be precise), travel, learning new stuff, and a good read.

Most people who know me personally would describe me as a free spirit; in that, I am a bit different. I do not conform to societal pressures or standards unless I genuinely believe in them. I don’t believe in trying to be different, but rather, being yourself. If that is different, embrace it. If it’s not different, take it, too, as long as you’re being the real you.

What You’ll Find Here

This site is mostly about my travel adventures and overall thoughts and experience on this sweet ride called life. So far, it’s been one hell of a ride, and I have loved and lived it, honey!

I hope to inspire, learn, and discuss ideas, opinions, and experiences with you all.

Bird in flight