My Top 8 Favorite Things About Kilifi

FeaturedSunset silhouette of palm trees

Fantasizing about a sunny getaway? Kilifi should be one of your top picks for that well-deserved vacation. Discover some of my favorite spots and why I absolutely love it.


The Plight Of Traveling As A Black African Woman: My Personal Experiences

Travel photo from Jinja, Uganda

While travel has tons of benefits, for a black woman, it comes with challenges specific to them. You may find yourself unwanted and unwelcome in some territories because your features aren't quite standard, or you'll likely be profiled and detained at immigration for no apparent reason. This article highlights some of the negative experiences I have had in relation to my blackness and African-ness.

My Road Trip Experience From Kenya To Southern Africa

FeaturedRoad in Zambia

As an African, when you think of travel, your first thought likely goes to Europe, The Americas, or Asia. While on the other hand, people from said countries spend thousands of dollars to visit Africa. Slowly but surely, though, Africans are starting to see the beauty in their backyards as well. I decided to embark … Continue reading My Road Trip Experience From Kenya To Southern Africa